Team Development

Team Development

One of the greatest challenges for many leaders is the ability of getting people to work positively and productively as a team. I have managed diverse teams and engaged with people to develop strategy, communications, implementation actions that lead to results. These experiences and strengths enable me to coach people from a variety of sectors and backgrounds to:

Establish high-performing team(s)
Engage deeply in diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies
Commit to diversity and inclusion
Improve collaboration
Create Strategic alignment
Mediate Conflict
Improve communication
Build trusting relationship
Have courageous conversations around power, privilege, and race
Hire staff that reflect diversity in all its forms

Develop the skills to build trust, commitment, make joint decisions, manage conflict, and communicate and collaborate effectively with team coaching. Team coaching offers more time with the coach and yields greater results, reach out me.

Through your listening and reflecting we can hear ourselves.

Krishna S.


Rebecca P.

Toni is awesome. She leads you to the answer without telling you the answer. With her help I produced great solutions for issues I've been dealing with.

Steve J.

A fabulous mix of understanding/listening/emotional support AND very targeted, specific tactics and goals for moving forward during a time of transition and growth.

Krishna S.

Through your listening and reflecting we can hear ourselves.

Colleen N.

Speaking with our coach yesterday allowed me to zero in on the most critical things we desire for our new hire. The ability to reflect on what lessons we have learned and what changes, if any, will we need to make as we move forward seems so simple, however without this coaching session-I believe we would have labored this for days without getting to the same clarity. Extremely valuable experience.

Greg S.

It is always valuable to have an outside perspective, as well as the push to think about and define things more clearly. I look forward to these coaching calls.

Nicole T.

Toni coached me to realize employers need my skill set and encouraged me to tap into what my goal is. This has been a game changer for me and the vision for my future. I'll continue to be grateful.

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